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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Making of Chapatti : Another Technique - 3

Dear Ladies of the House,

We have lot information to make chapattis till this time. Here I would like to explore one more technique to make chapattis.

It is another technique for the final cooking - instead of toasting it directly on the flame, turn it over once more on the tava, and with a clean kitchen cloth folded in to a pad, press down the sides with a gentle rotating movement. This should make it puff.

Chapatti or RotiEither way, put the chapatti straight into a dish, or better, a basket, lined with a clean napkin. Fold the napkin over it. Repeat the process, till all the chapattis are made.

Theoretically, the rolling out of each chapatti takes almost the same time as the previous chapatti is on the tava. It is not that easy in the beginning to get it all perfectly coordinated, but as you get practice, you may find that you get into a rhythm and have an assembly line going.

To Reheat Chapattis:

There is really not satisfactory method of reheating chapattis. Some writers recommend wrapping them in foil and reheating in the oven, but then they lose their crispness. In the toaster they get hard. The least unsatisfactory method, I find, is to toast them a second time briefly on the flame. It would not be as good as freshly made chapattis, bout one option is to make them in advance omitting the toasting process, which you can then do at the time of serving the meal.

If you like your chapattis spread with ghee or butter, it is easier to do this at the table than in the kitchen, where it becomes just one more process to cope with. Make sure that the fat is softened, or even melted, for easy spreading.

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