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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chapatti : A Map Of Australia - 2

Dearest housewives,

It happens often while making chapatti at the first time that unknowingly you make a map-of-Australia. I think this is common and everyone got such type of experience. After making a dough (A flour mixture stiff enough to knead or roll) now you are ready to make fine chapatti.

ChapattiNow you have roll it out, turning it as you do so, with the aim of achieving as near as you can to a perfect circle. Never mind if your first efforts look like the map of Australia; you will learn by doing (and in any case there is no reason why a map-of-Australia-shaped chapatti should not taste perfectly fine).

When the dough is rolled out as thin as you can reasonably get it, to a diameter of 12-14 cm, test the heat of the tava. A drop of water flicked onto it should jump and evaporate instantly. Now pick up the chapatti carefully, peeling if off the working surface, and toss it gently from palm to palm to get rid of any dry atta that may still be sticking to it. Lay it flat on the tava, and start rolling out the next chapatti, all the time keeping an eye on the tava.

When you see the upper surface beginning to look dry and slightly blistered, about 30 seconds, turn it over with flat-bladed tongs. The underside should also have a blistered appearance, and some golden patches. Give it another 30 seconds, then take the tava off the heat, and using the tongs, put the chapatti, first side down, directly on the flame. It should puff up immediately. Turn it over (leaving it for a few seconds on the flame if you like a slightly burnt taste to your chapattis); then take it off the fire.

Just keep in mind above information while making chapattis.

In next article we will see another technique to make finest chapatti.

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