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Friday, September 10, 2010

Notes To Remember While Making Chapattis - 1

Dear housewives,

I know all you have read out previous article while making of chapattis which gives you more important information about making chappatis. Now all you must keep in mind all these following information before going to make more delicious chappatis.

The process of making chapatti is best done 1-2 hours in advance, both because you don't want the hassle of kneading dough as you are getting the meal on the table, and because the kneaded dough improves further if it is allowed to 'rest' for a bit. If you are really sold on the whole chapatti bit, you can even make double quantities, and keep half in the fridge for the next day. But remember that the surface of resting dough has to be protected from drying out, so you must either cover it with a clean damp cloth, or keep it in a food-grade plastic bag or other airtight container.

When the time comes to make the chapattis, out the tava on medium heat. Put a couple of tablespoon dry atta on a small plate beside your work surface. Give the rested dough a couple of kneadings, then divide it into 10-12 portions, each about the size of a large lime. Take each portion and roll it into a ball between your palms, then squeeze it between the heels of your hands to flatten it a bit. In summer, cover the flattened balls with a clean barely damp cloth so that the surfaces do not dry out.

Sprinkle some dry atta on your chapatti board or clean smooth working surface. Take on flattened ball and dip it in dry atta to coat it on both sides. Put it on the atta-sprinkled surface, and press it down again with the heel of your hand to flatten it further.

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