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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Common Tips while making rice - 1

Dear housewives, if you think to make a delicious rice at home then I think all you have keep in mind some rice tips here.

Some of the steps in cooking rice are common in most cases. Hence, to avoid monotony, here I give the tips once and for all.

Rice TipsRice has first to be picked clean. With fine Basmati grain, coming packaged, this can be given a miss, but mos raw rice has to be first cleaned of dirt particles (sometimes, even small stones) and then washed well. Change the water in which you are washing the rice, at least thrice. Drain off the water well. In case of fried rice, this must be even more so.

Rice kept soaked in water for sometime, cooks faster and does not increase in volume, but this is not compulsory. It can however, soak while you get the other ingredients together, soak while you get the other ingredients together; chopping vegetable, for instance. The water level in the soak should not be over an inch, unless specified otherwise.

A abstract of haladi or turmeric powder mixed in a little milk, added to the rice, gives it a nice yellow color. In fact, it can work as a substitute for the more expensive saffron (also to be mixed with a hit of milk). Saffron, of course, gives a unique flavor to the dish besides that subtle yellow-orange color. Just do it when you plant to cook rice. There are many tips on rice we will see in some other day...bye!!

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