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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Chance Encounter With a Tattooed Dude

I was selling some stuff online, put some ads up on craigslist, and so I’ve been trying to get the people to come here and buy the stuff. Sometimes they flake at the last second, or you’re expecting them and they never show up. This one guy was interested in a guitar I had. At first his email seemed like spam, because he said he was interested in it but then said to text him. Not call or email, which usually means spam. Anyway, I texted him, and he called, and so he came over. 

It was two in the afternoon, and my roommates were home, and so it wasn’t anything weird or sketchy, but with craigslist, you just never know. Anyway, he wore a tank top and I could see he was covered in tattoos. That was cool I don’t have any tattoos so after we talked about guitars for a while, I segued into tattoo talk, using the fact that he had a tattoo of a Stratocaster on his shoulder! I soon learned that people with tattoos love talking about tattoos and where they got them and what they mean. Sometimes they don’t even mean that much, which is surprising. So I asked him about the ones that were kind of the coolest, and I was surprised to learn that he had done one of them by himself. How did he do that, I asked. He said that they sell tattoo starter kits pretty inexpensively, and that it’s his favorite tattoo supply store.

I was shocked, because it would never cross my mind to tattoo myself, and I mean to get a tattoo or to literally perform the ink application on my own to myself. That seems crazy, but also very cool. I asked him where he got the supplies, not because I wanted to get them myself, but just because I was making conversation – he was in my home after all and had just agreed to buy a guitar I had been trying to sell. He told me he shops at After he left I looked up the site, and it looks like a good enough place as any to get things. If I’m ever in the market, which I may be someday, I’d go there.