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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Get Connect With Medical Professionals

It is the fact that social networking gives up people to pass along with other people on a global platform. Individuals are given the chance to find authentic and real friends or make new ones. Now these days, it is outstandingly for people who have not heard of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well-known and popular social networking sites.

Now one more social networking site “Doximity” comes into existence for such people who have eagerly waiting to connect with professional in medical fields. Yeah! I met with such profile Sandra Byerly, MD belongs to General Family Medicine stream. Yeah! This site is not only enlisting, endowing and schooling disease and illness sufferers but also grab over 700,000 MD profiles with education, training, certifications, publications, and more.

So I am sure everyone who belongs to medical professional would like to connect at this platform. All they can stay in touch with colleagues, former classmates and co-residents. Over 80% of US physicians already have a message waiting for them.

So, re-unite here as early as possible for right cause.
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