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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ideas to decorate Cake

Dear women of the house!!!

Do you want to decorate your cakes to make them look delicious but are not sure what to do? Here are some simple and easy cake decorating ideas that you can try.

Before you start decorating:

One of the most important methods of cake decorating is to trim off the top of a cake with a serrated knife to make it leverl. Next, cut the cake into layers horizontally or use separate cake pans to make layers. Spread a layer of jam, whipped cream or icing between the different layers.

Cream base:

When it comes to homemade cake decoration, fresh cream can be your best friend. Add castor sugar to a cup of fresh cream and whisk it for a few minutes till the mixture is stiff. You can also add a couple of teaspoons of vanilla, coffee, chocolate or any other flabour, and egg whites to the mixture along with a few drops of food colouring. Once you have your cream mixture ready, apply it uniformity on your cake. Smoothen out the cream using a butter knife.

Icing base:

If you want to use an icing base instead of whipped cream whisk together icing sugar, butter and milk. You can add flavours and colours to it too.

Fresh fruits topping:

Seasonal fruits can make your cake appetising as well as beautiful. Get an assortment of colourful fruits like oranges, strawberries, black grapes, cherries, mangoes, or apples. Slice them thinly. Arrange them artistically on top of a cake layered with whipped cream. The fresh fruit toppig can make an ordinary cake look gorgeous and delicious.

Message on your cake:

Get a piping bag, fill it with whipped cream in a colour of your choice, and write your message. There is another option - get chewing gums which come in thin ling strips. Colour them using food colouring agents. Let the strips dry and use them to write your message.

Dusting the top:

Get some castor sugar, fine cocoa or coffee powder, and a sieve. Mix the castor sugar and cocoa or coffee powder well and sprinkle on the cake through the sieve.

Top it with candles and chocolates:

Arrange long thin strips of chocolates like Kit-Kat along the sides of the cake and tie them with a ribbon in a bow. Fill in the centre with your favourite candles. Gems are best as they add a splash of colour to the cake.

Black forest topping:

Here is very simple black forest cake decorating tip for beginners. Layer your cake with white whipped cream. Take a big piece of chocolate and peel off shavings from the chocolate with a peeler. Next, shred some of the chocolate using a grater. Stick the peeled chocolates shreds along the sides of the cake. Add the shredded chocolate on the top.

Line the edge of the top with cherries. With a pastry bag, you can add floral shapes made from whipped cream along the edge, and then add the cherries to those flowers. Alternatively, you can shred white chocolate and make a white forest cake.

Making patterns:

A fork can be used to draw waves or zigzag patterns, a knife to draw straight lines and stripes, and the back of your spoon can create elliptical patterns.