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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Food For Prissy Eaters

Dear Women of the House!!!

I know that all are worried about your little prissy eaters all day along. Use some of these recipes to make healthy food more more tasty and interesting for your little ones.

Make Mini Yougurt Parfaits at Home:

Do not go for the parfaits that are available at food joints. The store-bought parfaits can actually be unhealthy. So, it is a good idea to prepare a fresh fruit and yougurt parfait at home. You can cuse small plastics cups with lids. Such cups will help you to cotrol spills. Take a tall glass and put one third cup vanilla yougurt into it. Take defrosted strawberries, juice and fresh berries. Now, create alternate layers of fruits and granola with yougurt to fill the glass up to the top. You must serve this parfait immediately.

Prepare Taco Wraps:

Make some fat-free tortillas and fill them with lots of colourful and healthy ingredients. YOu can use chopped chicken, tomatoes and shredded lettuce. You can saute the ingredients a bit in extra virgin olive oil and add salt and black pepper for taste. Mix a little wheat flour, two eggs and olive oil in a bowl. Mix the ingredients and make the mixtue on a hot pan having warm olive oil or butter. Cook both the sides of your crepe and stuff some vegetables into it.

Cut some fruits and put them into toothpick sticks:

Make fruit skewers with some fresh fruits and toothpick sticks. Let your prisssy eaters be playfil with food. Eating is always more fun for kids when the food is on a stick. So, cut off the sharp tips from bamboo skewers and thread the sticks with fresh fruits like strawberries, grapes, beries. Make sure that the fruit pieces are bite-size.

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