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Friday, June 8, 2012

Indian Food : Distinctly Dissimilar

Dear Women Of The House…!!!

The food in India is just as distinctly dissimilar as its people and cultures. When you are traveling in India you start to get the feeling that it is not just one big country. It seems almost like it is made up of thousands of individual countries each with its own customs, culture but most noticeably, flavor!

Indian Food Yeah! India is a country where each state has its own culture and special foods. The diverse climatic conditions in each region also put up to the variety of Indian food. The different culinary preparations are usually characterized by lots of vegetables, pulses and spices. A diet excluding all meat and fish is most frequent or very common in many areas. British, Mughal and Portuguese rule in the country has influenced the palate and food of many places. Just, try it out…!!!