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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Get Connect With Medical Professionals

It is the fact that social networking gives up people to pass along with other people on a global platform. Individuals are given the chance to find authentic and real friends or make new ones. Now these days, it is outstandingly for people who have not heard of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well-known and popular social networking sites.

Now one more social networking site “Doximity” comes into existence for such people who have eagerly waiting to connect with professional in medical fields. Yeah! I met with such profile Sandra Byerly, MD belongs to General Family Medicine stream. Yeah! This site is not only enlisting, endowing and schooling disease and illness sufferers but also grab over 700,000 MD profiles with education, training, certifications, publications, and more.

So I am sure everyone who belongs to medical professional would like to connect at this platform. All they can stay in touch with colleagues, former classmates and co-residents. Over 80% of US physicians already have a message waiting for them.

So, re-unite here as early as possible for right cause.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Indian Food : Distinctly Dissimilar

Dear Women Of The House…!!!

The food in India is just as distinctly dissimilar as its people and cultures. When you are traveling in India you start to get the feeling that it is not just one big country. It seems almost like it is made up of thousands of individual countries each with its own customs, culture but most noticeably, flavor!

Indian Food Yeah! India is a country where each state has its own culture and special foods. The diverse climatic conditions in each region also put up to the variety of Indian food. The different culinary preparations are usually characterized by lots of vegetables, pulses and spices. A diet excluding all meat and fish is most frequent or very common in many areas. British, Mughal and Portuguese rule in the country has influenced the palate and food of many places. Just, try it out…!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Indian Cooking An Art

Dear Women Of The House...!!! Overt the years many people love to try something new with different foods from different cultures and qualities. Some people love to go out for dinner and experiment with foods they have never had before. Other people like to regurgitate their best-loved dishes at home.

Indian CookingExperimenting with cooking from other regions and cultures can be an exciting and fun process. Many cuisines have insidious differences from region to region. Or sometimes the ethnic cuisines are based strictly on different geographic areas.

Some of the most popular cuisines are Mexican, Italian, French, Greek and Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisines. While many people feel well-heeled experimenting with Mexican, Italian, or Chinese, few people feel comfortable experimenting with Indian food. Nor do they understand the subtle differences in Indian regional cuisine. Indian cooking is as complex and diverse as India's geography, climate, religion, and culture. The variety of dishes is extensive; from warm tandoori dishes with meat of Northern India, to the, saucy Southern mostly vegetarian dals (legume-based dishes), you will find unbelievable multifariousness and great taste.