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Saturday, March 12, 2011

सरबत : पँशनफ़्रुट आणि बेलाचे

नमस्कार गृहिणींनो,

आज आपण या लेखात पँशनफ़्रुट आणि बेलाचे सरबत कशा प्रकारे तयार करावयाचे ते पाहुयात.

पँशनफ़्रूट्चे सरबत :

पिकलेले पिवळे पँशनफ़्रुट घ्यावे. त्याचे दोन भाग करावे. आतील गर चमच्याने काढून घ्यावा. त्यात चवीप्रमाणे साखर पाणी घालावे. साखर विरघळेपर्यंत हलवावे. सरबत गाळून घ्यावे.

पँशनफ़्रुटचा वास, चव तर चांगली असतेच पण त्याचा नैसर्गिक रंग फार सुंदर असतो. हे फळ सुकलेले दिसले तरी त्याचे सरबत करत येते.

पँशनफ़्रुटचा वेल अंगणात लावता येतो त्याला क्रृष्णकमळासारखी फुले येतात. अगणित फळे त्यावर लगडतात. पिकलेल्या पँशनफ़्रूट्चे सरबत करतात. त्याला वास फार छान असतो. साधारण एका फलापासून एक किंवा दिड ग्लास सरबत होते.

बेलाचे सरबत :

बेलफळ फोडून त्याचा गर काढावा. त्यात थोड़े पाणी घालून मिक्सरमधून फिरवून घ्यावे. आव्यश्यकतेनुसार साखर लिंबाचा रस मीठ घालावे.

हे बेलाचे सरबत औषधी असते. तर करून बघा एक-एक सुंदर आणि सहज सोप्या सरबती कृति आपल्या किचनमधे..!!

Kitchen Safety That Everyone Must Need

Dear woman of the house,

All we know that the kitchen is amidship to family life. Cooking with your child can be a fun learning experience. It is true that the kitchen is a thought-provoking area to make your kitchen safe place for your children with great deal of dangers that are obvious, and not so obvious. Yeah! You never stop your children that they help you in the kitchen. They are often more inclined to try new foods, and an interest in cooking is very beneficial in the stripling years. Surely teaching the basics to your child at a young age will help instill a life long enjoyment of cooking, as well as the ability to cook for themselves and others in the future. Before you begin cooking with your child, it is important to know and think how to keep your kitchen safe.

I think all we have to set some rules and kitchen safety tips in place to make sure that your child remains safe, and the atmosphere stays fun.

Being safe in the kitchen we must keep concentrate on following things:

  1. Anything that is easily flammable should be stored away from heat sources.
  2. A smoke detector should be installed in the area between the kitchen and the other rooms nearby. Also a home fire extinguisher should be installed near the exit to be easily reachable.
  3. The cooking area should be regularly cleaned and any extra grease buildup promptly removed. Great buildup is a great fire hazard.
  4. If a pan caught fire from the grease, place the lid over the pan and switch off the heat. Do not use water to put out a grease fire!
  5. Wear tight fitting clothes when cooking and avoid using long sleeves and being around fire with dish towels.
  6. If you have a leak in the gas, everyone should immediately evacuate and the utility company should be called right away. You can easily realize if there is any gas leak as nowadays natural and LP gas are scented so they are distinguishable right away.
  7. Anything that is dangerous to children by being sharp, heavy or poisonous should be removed from easy reach.
  8. The garbage bin should have a hard to open lid so small children can not easily open it to play with the lid.
  9. Avoid leaving any chemicals within easy reach of children.
  10. Pot handles should be turned inward to avoid any spills of hot liquids.
  11. Wall mounted racks should be placed high enough as to not be within children's reach.
  12. Use child resistant latches at cabinet and cupboard doors.
  13. Do not leave any alcoholic beverages in areas that are frequented by children. For small kids alcohol is like poison.
Yeah! It is true that apart from all above things we need to take care about many things for our child safety. Just keep in mind that the kitchen is maybe the room with the most dealings every day. It is the place where the family gathers in the morning for breakfast, where the cooking is taking place, where people eat their lunch, enjoy their afternoon coffee, have their evening dinner and where children even make their homework at times. This is why cooking safety is above all when it comes to keeping your family safe in the cooking area. So, just stay tuned for keeping the kitchen safe for kids.

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