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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Celebrate Your Valentine Day with Cookies

“Mom, I don’t like this milk and biscuits. Daily you are giving me this type of breakfast. Please, give me something different, please.” My 5 years son replied.

Now, it is my turn to think over. What to do now? He is right at this moment. He had no mistake to tell like that. I just convinced and sent him to school to avoid little pleasures morning clashes between us.

We went a CENTRAL MALL near to our home. We (Me, my hubby and son) wondering between the rows to find out a good stuff for breakfast. “Mom, look at here! I want cookies!” suddenly my son replied.

“What is this?” I asked my hubby.

He looked at the packet and told him “my dear son, it is Valentine’s Day Gifts, not for you, just leave it”.

“Dad, I want all these Valentine’s Day Cookies packets!!”

Without taking our permission, within a moment he took 8 packets and kept it in our shopping basket. After some time, I took one from the basket and just torn out the upper rapper. I have seen yellow colored cookies inside. I gave one to my hubby and son to taste it. A moment, I cut the small piece of cookie and within a few second it get melted and fantastic smell I sense which I never forgotten till time.

At the bottom of the rapper I saw a site name and got a very good information about this product site. So, I kept it for your further information.

This troupe named as "San Francisco Cookie Company", opened in October' 2005 with the passion for quality baking. This company has many types of cookies like Milk Chocolate Chip, white chocolate toffee, oatmeal raisin, dark chocolate walnut, peanut butter and many more. You can ask them to deliver these product by dropping email or call. They deliver a minimum of 4 dozen cookies to be served straight up to your door step. Also they have Valentine's Day gifts packets from their keepsake gift box ranging from $28.95 for 1 dozen gift pack and $44.95 for 2 dozens gift pack which has worth comparing to any other cookie gift now a days. From their keepsake gift pack, they also have a Classic Black and White Gift Pack on the occasion of Holiday, Birthday, Thanks giving and Congratulations moments. Many business clients are humbly demanding their Corporate Gift Packets to make and improve greater business relations. For many corporate institutions, this company offers a tailor-make cookies gift pack with clients company's logo and messages. Also, they have great ideas for events and promotions, holiday gifting, welcome for new employees, referral or new customer's thanks giving, congratulations and rewards moments and last but not least is employee and client's birthdays.

So, enjoy your Valentine Day with Cookies.